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August 29, 2011

I always enjoy getting to post these photos of graffiti because they’re such a departure from what (and how) I normally shoot. This was taken at an old, boarded up gas station in my neighborhood that is constantly going through a vicious cycle of being vandalized, painted over, and vandalized again.


The bottom middle frame looks like Chewbacca. And the cracked frame (second from right on the bottom, with the knot in the wood) looks like an eye gazing from the shadows.

If you’re makin’ prints, I want one!

Super neat! I really like the quality of this photo, and that the graffiti is just fun little sailboats.

Really like the tonality and richness in detail in this frame… it is the sort of photo I can study for minutes, maybe a quarter of an hour even if good coffee or a snack to indulge while watching is provided.

This is amazing, Kim. Can we print it and hang it up in the apartment?