Arcata (Part VI): Timo, Indie and Bingo

July 30, 2009

Cats get a lot of coverage on the internet, and for good reason: They rule! But dogs are pretty cool, too, and these three pups Kristina dog-sat are no exception!

They live in beautiful Trinidad where I joined them for an evening walk through the forest. Well, we walked; they darted, ran, and frolicked.

Across the street from their house is a large field with some very friendly horses.

Timo loves to let it all hang out!

Bingo’s a bit drooly.

My favorite pooch out of the bunch, Indie was a total sweetheart that never went missing when we let her off the leash.

I had control of Timo for a bit towards the end. Once we came full circle and were back by the horses, I pretty much lost control and picture taking got thrown out the window in favor of saving myself from being dragged down the street!

We were pooped by the time it was all over, but they were wanting more. It was so cute how they’d sit on the porch every time Kristina went inside the house, obediently waiting for her to come back out!

I definitely enjoyed my rowdy evening in Trinidad, but in the end it’s a feline’s life for me!


Bingo is adorable!!! Dogs are cute. Fun post. :)