Mt. Lassen (Part I)

July 13, 2009

A couple months ago I started organizing a huge camping trip to Lassen National Park, which us ‘Dingers have the pleasure of being a little over an hour’s drive away from. The total cost for two campgrounds for two nights was $74, but thanks to the number of people who committed to the trip it cost no more than $8 per person!

This was our silly group shot– the serious one is much too boring to post! From L to R we have Chris, me, Jim, Chritsina, Jillian, Tatton, Gina, Tina and Mat. Not pictured: Kyle.

We camped at Summit Lake North and could see the lake from our fire pit. It was beautiful, freezing, hot, windy and crowded.

The sunsets were unbelievably magical, but the lake made for some prime mosquito habitat. Ouch!

Since Chris and I are a couple of jobless bums, we got to arrive early on Friday. We set up camp, checked out the lake and enjoyed a baked potato and cheesy-pasta dinner before anyone else showed up.

The next morning everyone had breakfast together, some more elaborate than others. My breakfasts consisted of apples and cheese, or chips with avocado and lime ‘cos I’m lazy.

Tatton taught us about the art of “troll poling.” Apparently, a troll pole is a long wooden pipe used to ignite fire from embers. Since we didn’t have one, Tatton used his fingers, which Chris coined as “orc whistling.” Brilliant!

Fortunately we didn’t need no stinking troll pole to get our percolator percolating– Chritsina had the fire situation under control. :P

Around noon on Saturday everyone started to get antsy, so six of us piled into Jillian’s car and drove down to Mt. Lassen.

Kyle sat in what is technically the trunk and lived up to the required creepiness that comes with such a position.

Jim and Chritsina decided to relax at the camp and be adorable instead of hiking all afternoon with us. Can’t say I blame ’em!

Stay tuned for Part II which will chronicle our journey to the top of a 10,000 ft. mountain!


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Great photo, honey in motion! =D
That some tasty looking oats you whipped up.


I LOVE how I can see yer reflection in the cookie jar!

Thanks :) A happy accident that I didn’t even notice until after we’d gotten home!

I can’t come to your stream when I’m hungry. Salavating…..

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and faves! I was pretty much jealous of Gina and Tatton every morning as I munched away on fruit and cheese, hehe.

Haha, no kidding? That’s pretty awesome. Is "google" in the dictionary yet?

um that looks fantastically delicious.

PS: Soon webster will be adding "favoriting" to the dictionary along with "vlog".

I was hoping these would be on here for favoriting purposes!

Oh, gosh, Kim. Your photos belong in magazines. Really.
The shot of Chris and the Stephen King novel and the food/cereal and honey- just fantastic!!

It looks like you had a blast.

Thanks, Sara! Those are two of my favorite shots, too– from the whole trip, even! :)

Oh wow, that looks so yummy! =)

oh my! sooooo yum. i love the oats. look so good.

There is a whole lot of food porn going on in this entry, very yummy looking camping food! :)

mmm, I really love that first photo, the honey dripping from the spoon looks so yummy and pretty!