A Date with Debbie

February 15, 2012

We first met at a group brunch where I was officially introduced to lots of amazing local talent. It’s hard to believe that wasn’t even a year ago.

Debbie’s one of those people who instantly charms you with her sweet smile and easy going attitude, getting along as if you’ve known each other for years instead of months. We got together in Laurelhurst Park to update her headshot and get her acquainted with her Rolleiflex. Plus a couple intermissions at Crema. :)

Portland Oregon Portrait Photographer - Rolleiflex

Portland Oregon Portrait Photographer - Rolleiflex

Portland Oregon - Laurelhurst Park - Geese

Portland Oregon - Rolleiflex in Laurelhurst Park

Portland Oregon - Ducks in Laurelhurst Park

Portland Oregon Portrait Photographer - Headshot with Rolleiflex


these are gorgeous. such great photos of you Debbie!!!!

Oh, Kim! I had the best time hanging out with you. I feel like we have known each other for 100 years :) Love the pretty green tones in these. Also, DUCK BUTT.

You know, when you get that film developed you are going to be happy that duck was showing off his butt, because now we will always have a reason to randomly say DUCK BUTT!

Yep, when the sun comes back out from hibernating we’ll go out and get that lens flare-y goodness goin’ on with ya!

That sounds like fun! Her camera is ridiculously cute, and so tiny.
You went to Laurelhurst and didn’t get any shots of the birds with the 1920s hair pieces?

Oops! I guess I’ll have to save that one for when WE get together in the park. :)

Ha, yes! I’ll introduce you to them. They’re good ducks. I can’t wait to see the ducklings.

I looove these. But I love all your photos so yeah. :)

Thanks Diana :) So happy that you are blogging again! <3