The Tree House

August 10, 2011

Long time readers will recall the house I lived in while attending college. It’s tucked away on a Redwood Forest covered hill in Arcata, CA. Appropriately, it’s nicknamed the Tree House, but at some point there was a movement to rename it Cozy Corners, because the shag carpet, crocheted blankets and vases of flowers at every windowsill made you feel like you were staying at Grandma’s House… Even if you lived there.

This was my first visit to Arcata since moving to Portland 2 years ago. I stayed at the Tree House while in town last month for Ruth & Jeff’s wedding. Kristina was between room mates, so it was just the two of us, reliving the old times and making some new memories in her big, cozy house.

If you’re curious, the three photos (#4-#6) that look almost desaturated in comparison to the rest were shot on Kodak Portra – all others with Ektar.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak Ektar 100; Kodak Portra 160
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Ooooo, this one makes me feel-a-nice.

Oh swoooon, I’m in loooove.

Oh my gosh, that house is incredible. What lovely photos, and you’re right…it totally looks like Grandma’s house. Some of my best memories growing up were surrounded by my grandmother’s green shag carpet, wood paneling, and faded velvet curtains.

oh, i just love cozy places like this. i adore the first two photos in particular — the ambiance! the coziness!

P.S. I could totally see myself 100% content with nothing but a banjo, cat, and camera in picture #5. ;)

Oh my, that place is adorable! I sort of regret not going to Humboldt State….we would have met each other years ago! And it’s just soooo beautiful up there. *sigh* I was hoping to camp at Patrick’s Point this year but we decided to stick closer to home and save a little money.

I am so in love with this house! Just when I thought I couldn’t miss Arcata more… sigh.

So lovely! All that greenery makes me jealous. Everything around here is either brown or fakely green right now. Looks like a fun place to crash!

pretty colors from that ektar.

I’m trying to cozy up my family room.

The living room.
Really beautiful!

These photos make me smile. Great shots to brighten my day. Although, I have to ask…no pictures of the dino costume?