Humboldt Breakfast

January 10, 2011

Despite being born and raised a carnivore, I went vegetarian in my late teens and then was full-fledged vegan for a while in college. This photo is of whole wheat toast, but every time I look at it I think of the breakfast I became obsessed with my last semester in college: cinnamon raisin bagels with butter, fake bacon and a cup of pineapple orange banana juice.

Camera: Pentax K-1000
Lens: Vivitar 24mm f/2.8
Film: Unknown Slide Film

What would the world do without fake bacon? :) It’s so good.

wow — blast from the past. I had that same mug when I was in high school. A gift from my grandma. I wonder what ever happened to it… :)

I’m a vegetarian too, but have never tried fake bacon. I’m inspired suddenly and will let you know! ;)

Is that fake bacon on the side? Does it taste like real bacon?

It is fake bacon (or “facon” as some people like to refer to it). I never had real bacon until a year and a half ago, so it totally satisfied me back in the day, but it doesn’t compare the to the real stuff. If you overcook fake bacon, though, it will get dry and smokey-flavored, so it’s like eating one big long strip of baco bits, which is fun.

fake bacon? Why??? I say like diyosa; just seems so wrong :)
Raisin bagles with butter sound delicious though! Yummie…….

edit: what is fake bacon anyway? (ingredient wise).

Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

kim kim kim. I need that cup – NEED IT. Where did you find such a lovely mug, huh?
Also, re: fake bacon – I am OBSESSED with turkey bacon. trader joes peppered turkey bacon is the most divine fake bacon ever.

[] Yeah, back then I would’ve combated this opinion but I never had real bacon until about a year ago. There is no comparison (I still like overcooked facon, though, it gets really crunchy like one long strip of baco bits).

I love fake bacon!! Every time we visit my boyfriend’s family I purge on it because I am just too poor to buy it regularly. Sooo delicious.

omg your mug!!! is that a cheshire cat? :) :)

It is :) Our old room mate had the absolute best mug collection. That one was a favorite of mine!