Local Treasures

May 30, 2011

About a month ago Chris and I had a day off together, which is actually a little rare. We’ve been making an effort to get outside and do stuff instead of just be blobs at home. This gets easier with the change in weather, though I’ll be sad to say goodbye to hot coffee, drafty windows and a good book. Holing up inside a cafe doesn’t make sense when the sun is out – fellow Portlanders can sympathize with the need to take advantage of every bit of sunshine we can get!

I will just have to replace hot coffee with root beer, and cafes with the park. No complaints here.

The last two photos were taken in front of Title Wave, our favorite used bookstore. It was really windy that day and I wanted to capture all the falling cherry blossom petals. In no way did the photo end up how I wanted it to, but I’ll settle for an adorable picture of Chris. :)

But first, we had a little sit down at Cartola, a Stumptown-serving cafe that is conveniently situated halfway between our apartment and Title Wave. That’s my jacket in the background being an unsightly (albeit bokehlicious) mess. I don’t know what that black blob in the bottom corner is, though – most likely some part of Chris in the foreground.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak TMY 400
Scanned from negatives developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Thanks for adding to the group; the mood is just so wonderful.

Your image is delicious!

cappuccino & baby biscotti
Seen in Caffeine Nation

Oh how I love this composition; it’s just fantastic!

i love the first one for the composition

Ugh, Chris rocks those sunglasses so hard.

Ha, I guess we always envy what others have- I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life, which is the sunshine state. We rarely ever have cloudy days, and I prize them when I get them. I’d love to live somewhere that was cloudy at least 80% of the time. Certainly the change in weather here has made me want to be outside more, though. In Flagstaff we still get hail and snow into May, at random.

Haha, definitely. :) I admit, I do love the milder climate of Portland – back home in California we had 110 degree summers and that was so uncool. But last year in Portland it rained every day the first 2 weeks of June… Also uncool! Maybe if that happens again I’ll just have to vacation in Arizona to get my sun fix :)

um, love the first shot. i’ve gotta shoot more b/w.

How funny – I never realized it until now, but you really are a die-hard color shooter, eh? I bet you’d do amazing things with b/w. :)

Though the downfall is that – with color – you can say, “I think this works better in b/w” and convert it. But when you shoot in b/w, there’s no changing it to color when the shot doesn’t work out afterall. Definitely had my fair share of those!

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/princessinboots] Thanks Bronwyn! :] TBH ever since I got my light meter a couple weeks back I’ve barely even picked up the digi unless it’s for work. Crazy in love with film right now – shooting about 2 rolls a week (which isn’t much for some photogs, but it usually takes me months to get through one roll!). aaaand that reminds me, I still haven’t replied to your email. Sorry, I’ll get to that today! :[

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/cararosephotos] Thanks :) I didn’t really NEED the latte, y’know? ;)

yay film…sorry about your latte loss! the shot of your man on the blog looks great.

I adore this film splurge of uploads.