12 Hour Summer Vacation (Part II)

July 23, 2010

Considering the chilly morning that reminded me of our Humboldt days, I figured the first photos I share from my latest adventures in film should be of the beach.

And oh, there’s those light leaks I’ve heard all about. Finally!

Photo 1 shot by Chris
Photos taken with a Holga 120s.
Scanned from negatives developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine.

I can’t imagine any sort of summer or beach activity that would include a jacket. In Florida, this photo would look like something from Girls Gone Wild!

I’ve heard reports of a wave hitting your side of The States which has been anything but tropical; STAY COOL OVER THERE!

Hah! That’s hilarious. Oddly enough, even though I grew up in California, I’ve never had a trip to the coast that didn’t involve extra layers.

I just started playing with a Holga. I haven’t even developed a single roll yet. You are making me excited to use up all my film and have it developed already now.

this is awfully rock and roll :) can’t wait to SEE!

Groovy! Interesting thing in the sky — helicopter, kite, or tie-dye UFO — I can’t tell for sure.

the beach! I want to go to there.

pretty awesome girl. you did better with the holga then i did ;)

I’ve never quite understood the allure of Holgas (though some people know how to take moody shots with them). Rolleiflexes… different story :-D I’ll be skimming your state soon :-)

Oh, I love that first photo with the kite in the background!

I know, I’m so jealous I didn’t take it! When I showed it to Chris he just gave a coy smile and said, “I THOUGHT there was an awesome picture I took in there!” Boys. hehe. :)