Oscar on SE Main

December 17, 2011

Even though he lives in the same court as a good friend of mine, I’ve only met Oscar once. That hasn’t stopped me from being completely obsessed with him, though. I’m absolutely in love with his little Phantom of the Opera mask, though he hardly had time to stop and vogue for me.

While my love for tabby cats is well documented, and it’s true that once you go Felix you never go back, I always figured if we got another furball it would be of the cow-cat nature. Basically I want an Oscar or Skully to call my own.

Hear that? That’s Chris sighing because his wife doesn’t get baby fever, she gets kitten fever. Hah!

Happy Caturday!




Hahaha! I love when kitty’s do the “what the heck are you looking/laughing at” ears. So cute!

So sweet and beautiful !! :o)

I found this photo in:

The Cat’s meow

Oh yes! Love this.
And Caturday is great. I adore it.

I love the phrase "Caturday". Always reminds of the Business Cat memes. What a cute face he has!

I think he’s about to say something.

I found this photo in:

The Cat’s meow

what an expressive little kitty face

I love this little guy!! And beautiful pictures as always!