Meowy Christmas!

December 24, 2011

When I was out test-driving the F100 a few days ago I ran into this GORGEOUS kitty who was just wandering around my neighborhood. The only downfall is that he would not. shut. UP! He meowed in that way that only a Bengal or Siamese cat can and I have to admit… It was kind of annoying. Felix used to meow like that when he was younger, but he’s settled down in recent years and only meows when he’s groggy or if someone comes home after being gone all day.

But if this guy’s going to haul ass up and down the sidewalk meowing for no apparent reason, at least he looks amazing while he does it.

Happy Caturday! And Meowy Christmas Eve!


What film did you use!! Love

Thanks, Mary! These photos were shot with expired Agfa Vista 100 film.

Yup! What a looker. My new Bengal won’t shut up – this cat looks like he could be a relative.

Wow look at those stripes! He reminds me of my Jasmine. My kitties talk a bit too but only when they want food, or love, or a lap, or acknowledgement for bringing us their favorite trash toys in the middle of the night.

Oh, good! I’m not the only one whose cat brings them trash. :) Franny gets pretty talkative if she loses access to part of the apartment — Like if someone is working in the bedroom and the door is closed, that will suddenly become the only room she wants to be in. Cats!

hahaha I love the open mouth shots, they prove to us how chatty he truly must have been. And how beauuutiful he is too!!

The agfa is killing me. Happy meowidays to you and yours!

He’s so handsome! Great shots!

Hahah, that pun was pretty fantastic. That cat really is gorgeous. I actually love talkative cats! I own two Maine Coones, and they’re super chatty. But it’s in an interactive way, like they’re really talking to you, not just meowing to do it.