Rough Week

May 5, 2012

Normally, the cats aren’t allowed on the tables. Of course, that never stops them. But I KNOW that THEY KNOW they’re not allowed because as soon as the threat of a water bottle is present they make like the rain and get the hail outta there!

The day I took this Polaroid was a bit of a special case, though…

Portland Pet Photographer - Polaroid Spectra - PZ Color Shade

We were only on Day 3 of officially living in the new home. Franny wasn’t taking it well and spent the majority of Day 2 curled up under the blankets of our bed. To make matters worse, she discovered her reflection in the bedroom mirror, which left her freaked out and confused.

I feel evil saying this but, it was all pretty adorable.

Now, being the World Class Fly Catcher that she is, a buzzing bug that wandered in through the bathroom window was just what she needed to make this awful week awesome. She was back to being the Franny that I know and love! Doing Matrix jumps off the office chair and chirping at the ceiling!

Unfortunately, that bug happened to not be a fly– it was a bee.

She got stung on the chin and looked so sad for the rest of the day that I figured, one afternoon of huddling in the corner of the kitchen table is probably warranted. She was better after a few hours, and the next morning she really was back to her normal self… For good this time!

Happy Caturday!