Cats On Film #3

June 23, 2012

Currently there’s a stack of negatives and Polaroids that have been waiting weeks — months, even! — to be scanned. I’m sure within that stack there’s lots more chats jolies, but they’ll just have to keep on waiting…

These were all shot on a roll of expired Fuji Superia — the last roll of film I successfully sat down and scanned before the craziness of wedding season took over. Each kitty was spotted on Alberta, SE Yamhill(ish) and Hawthorne, respectively.

Portland Pet Photographer - Cat on Alberta

Portland Cat Photographer - Cat on Alberta

Portland Pet Photographer - Cat in Southeast Portland

Portland Pet Photographer - Cat on Hawthorne

Portland Pet Photographer - Cat on Hawthorne

Happy Caturday!


Love that orange tabby’s expression. Looks like a fierce guard kitty! :)

Awwwww! CATS <3 I love these. Not surprising coming from the biggest cat lover around (psst, don't tell our cat that I told I love these – she'll think I don't like her anymore ;D).

Hi, I like your new photos. I’m a film shooter as well. But somehow, my scans don’t usually come out as sharp as yours. Do you mind sharing what your techniques in scanning? What scanner do you use? Do you use the betterscanning film holder?

Hi Sam! I use an Epson V500 and cheap holders it comes with, but the sharpness in my film scans is due to two factors: 1) Last year I bought an F100, which has tack-sharp autofocus. Seriously love that camera! Up until that point, all of my 35mm film work was pretty soft. 2) I use Smart Sharpen in Photoshop for photos that end up on the blog.

Hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by!

tis a favorite nightly routine of mine to do a lap around the neighborhood and see what all of its pets are up to! and the buns too!

Cara, that’s a fantastic idea and I just might have to steal it! What a great way to end the day.