Around the House

December 3, 2011

I recently got back a couple rolls of film that were shot on ultra mega expired film — we’re talking stuff I bought in college but just shot this summer! I enjoy the crazy grain that comes with the territory, but I tried to stick to just everyday snapshots, lest I pour my heart into something that’s ultimately ruined by the quirks of expired film. These are some of the kitty shenanigans that occurred in recent months.

Also, before you think Chris has a beef arm, you should know that these were taken with a wide angle lens. :)

Happy Caturday!

Photo 2 shot by Chris

Kitties on film is always a good combo! :)

Really like these frame (even though Chris has a beefy body builder’s arm – nah, just kiddin’). Second last frame is lovely – I think one knows there’s a strong subject when she/he/it doesn’t need to fill out the frame yet is present throughout the whole image.

Aww, the shot of Felix & Franny sleeping top to tail is so adorable :)