Renée & Justin | Downtown Portland Elopement

August 12, 2016

Portland Courthouse Wedding

I’ve known these two for a long time, long before living in Oregon was anywhere on my radar! And I’ve known Renée even longer. We hail from the same part of Northern California and got to know each other working at a coffee shop where we plotted milk drinking contests on our days off. Eventually I moved to Humboldt, and they Corvallis, and at some point we all ended up in Portland together.

When they emailed me about their wedding I was ecstatic and not at all surprised that they’d decided to take a nontraditional approach, right down to not wanting any photos of their courthouse ceremony. “Is that weird?” Renée asked me. “Oh well, it’s our day!” Nothing better than a couple that takes charge and throws the rulebook out the window! So I attended the ceremony and used every fiber of my being to hold back taking photos, then we hit some sights in Downtown Portland before enjoying lunch and cake with a few friends.

It was perfect.

Bride and Groom portraits at Tanner Springs Park | Portland Courthouse Wedding

Portraits of Bride and Groom at Tanner Springs Park | Portland Courthouse Wedding

Portrait of Bride and Groom on the Broadway Bridge | Portland Courthouse Wedding

Bride and Groom outside Multnomah County Courthouse | Portland Courthouse Wedding

Silhouette of Bride and Groom with clouds | Portland Courthouse Wedding
Bridal portrait | Portland Courthouse Wedding
Portrait of couple with the Hawthorne Bridge | Portland Courthouse Wedding

Vendors & Resources

Venue: Multnomah County Courthouse | Portrait Locations: Tanner Springs Park, Broadway Bridge, Eastbank Esplanade | Lunch: Brasserie Montmartre | Florist: Sammy’s Flowers | Groom’s Tie: Embroidered by the Bride | Bride’s Dress: ASOS