May 27, 2010

The first time I ever set foot in a dark room I came out 15 minutes later with the hugest grin on my face. I’d already had my mind blown by taking pictures and developing the negatives myself. But the magic of seeing them come to life in a tray of chemicals right before your eyes? Amazing.

This afternoon I rode Bus 44 home from St. John’s with a similar grin on my face. I got my negatives back from the Rolleiflex and Holga, and even though I’ve paid my dues in the dark room, I was still just as amazed that they all turned out. Well… All except the frame where I accidentally left my lens cap on. Oops!

Unfortunately my negs are super curly so scanning is a bit of a pain, but these are a few that caught my eye, shot during Ben and I’s photoventure earlier this month.

Negatives developed by the folks at Blue Moon Camera & Machine.


To borrow from your blog title, these are awesome! There is a real sort of everyday magic in these scenes. I wish I had a better experience in the dark room – I was the only photography 1 kid in a class full of photography 2 kids and I found the whole dark room thing bewildering and I never got comfortable with it (that and the whole locking yourself in a closet thing before even getting into the dark room). However, those pictures I created had the most beautiful look to them and your words remind me I’m thankful just to have had the experience at all! I look forward to seeing more of these!

These look amazing! And seeing the APX on the side makes me miss shooting film and working in the darkroom so much!

Wow, this is fabulous. (Like I really needed more reason to drool over MF!)

Also, I love the T-Rex watching over his domain.

Holy wow they look great! Do you have plans on making prints? I know that in the way you work most everything is a computer file in the end but man oh man these are too wonderful to not print and hang up somewhere or send as gifts :)

Aw, thank you Britt! Yes, my main reason for buying a negative scanner was to minimize all the photo-related clutter in my life, but I agree, after scanning through a handful of these, some of them are begging to be hung up on a wall!

(And I haven’t even gotten to all the pictures of cats I took! Hee :D)