Albina Library (Part II)

May 4, 2011

I love a lot of things about this photo, but what I love most is that you can see Chris standing inside the library. He’s obscured by the person next to him, but his head is poking out above the no smoking sign on the window. :)

Just a head’s up… There may be a pantload of film on the blog in the coming weeks. I suddenly have more film scans than I know what to do with! And all from an array of cameras and films. Very exciting, but hard to decide what to post first.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Agfa RSX II 200 (slide film)
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

I looove this one. Those colours just get me. The bicycle is a nice touch as well – great framing. It’s always good to catch up on your photostream.

pantload? can you make it an oversized overall load? bring it on!

Beautiful shot! I love the reflections in the windows.

I always like pics where you can see a lit interior against a twilight sky. And I’m a big fan of libraries. So this pic is a big win for me.

I love our little, hidden away multcolib.

thats one cool looking library

aw this is so old-timey and vintagey feeling. i love it.

do they still make that slide film? i feel like all the films i love are discontinued or getting discontinued!

Unfortunately, Agfa discontinued all 120 film a long time ago, so this is from a very old and expired roll. But Lomography sells slide film and I’m pretty sure their 120 is the same as Agfa’s RSX II!