Tips & Tutorials

It’s always been my goal to be a service to those who find themselves on my website, whether you’re an artist, friend, client or all-in-one (my personal favorite!). For that reason, I started working on these posts to provide free information for fellow artists, generate excitement in one’s own endeavors or just keep it real so you know you aren’t alone in your struggles.

If you’d like me to target a specific topic, email me at and I’ll see what I can do!

  1. Bokeh Panoramas, Pt. II
  2. Intro to Bokeh Panoramas
  3. How I Quit My Day Job
  4. The Myth of the Extraordinary
  5. 15 Ways to Jumpstart Your Passion
  6. 5 Ways to Improve Your Pet Photos
  7. Double Exposures in Photoshop
  8. The Poor Man’s Fill Light
  9. Digital Darkroom Pt. I