Fourth Annual Water Gun Fight

January 21, 2015

A Laurelhurst Park Tradition

I’m sitting in my kitchen wishing I had something to bake, if only to warm up this cold linoleum floor a little bit. It’s January now, and while the annual water gun fights happen every summer, I got especially wrapped up in life last year and hadn’t taken the chance to sift through the photos from our most recent shoot out until now. Despite the occasional prod from friends for their war portraits, I’m kind of glad it’s taken me so long. The same way a surprise package can lend itself to Christmas in July, re-living these memories feels very much like summer in January.

Friends old and new continue to help this tradition get bigger and better every year, with more new faces than ever this time. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but next July will be here before we know it — I’m looking forward to what our 5th Annual has in store. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little bit of sunshine.

Previous years: 3rd Annual | 2nd Annual | 1st Annual



Has this year been scheduled?

Has this years’ water fight been scheduled as of yet? I have many people who are interested in participating along with this event.

Gah! Sadly I read this comment as we ate our post-water gun fight feast of pizza. Next year we’ll be working hard to do more public promotion of the event — we’d love to see more new faces!

Yo, these are dope! Don’t forget to let me know when the next one is :)

We usually nail down a date in the springtime, when everyone’s got an idea what their summer looks like. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop!