Pho Para Tres

July 22, 2010

Had the hugest craving for phở yesterday, so we decided to make a lunch date out of it at Phở Văn. Ben and I split a Vietnamese coffee, ‘cos I’d probably puke if I drank a whole one.

Actually, I remember last time we ate here I did drink a whole one. I didn’t puke, but I walked around with a gut bomb for the rest of the day. As it always goes with the most delicious of treats, it was worth it. Mmmm.


Are you Vietnamese? how come you can type Pho in Vietnamese lol..
love your photos and your film cameras as well :)

What did you use to shoot these pics?

I used a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens. :)

Thanks. Love your photos. Keep up the awesome.

the greens in these photos are so wonderful. great set!

xo Alison

shame on me, for I’ve never had phở.

Fuhhhhhhhhhh! Put it on the list, girl!

could be the first thing I add to my bucket list. gonna have to travel to get a good one though, or make it myself. (and making it myself doesn’t guarantee it will be a good one, goes without sayin’.)