Arcata (Part IX): The End, My Friends

August 4, 2009

Well, I finally made it. This is the last post in my Arcata series from the month+ I spent there this summer. Seeing as I’m done (done done done) with school, there’s no telling when we’ll be in that area again.

So, to wrap things up, here are the lovely faces of my friends I spent time with this summer, whom I miss dearly!

Technically not a face, but I already used all my photos of Brittney and Damien in previous posts. This is from when they took me on a detour through Ferndale on the way to scope out their wedding site. It was my first time there. So adorable!

Allyson and Lauren, lounging at the Cracker Box.

Kristina, our old house mate. I miss this lots… Doing dishes in the morning, chatting over breakfast until it was long past time to get our day started. The kitchen was my #1 most favorite room in that house. I could do dishes and stare out that window into Humboldt Bay forever!

Charissa, a friend I made in printmaking class. She’s 3 years younger than me and still managed to graduate before me. Last summer we made it a habit to go on bike rides together. I’ll never forget looking down the beach and seeing her sitting in the sun, strumming her ukelele!

Although I’m sure she could excel at any medium, her prints are beautiful and full of detail. You can see some of her work here, though I really hope she makes a proper website someday to showcase it all!

Dorian is a constant source of entertainment– and faces. We first met in a photography course and became buds after a series of field trips to New York and Klamath.

The first semester we met our class was 6 hours and once-a-week– from 8 am to 2 pm every Friday. Afterward, we’d be so wasted that it became ritual for a few of us to grab lunch and unwind together. This became known as Friday Fun Day, and of course it was highly documented!

You can view all the mayhem we caused in this Flickr set. Unfortunately my processing was a little on the, uhm, interesting side back then.

Allyson is part of the photo-circle and one of my best friends in the area. We never did anything extravagant together, and that’s what was so nice. We simply enjoyed each other’s company while gorging on food. Friendship doesn’t get much better than that!

On the right is her room mate, Jaime, whom I got to know at an impromptu drunken sock-hop.

Lauren and I had one of the most awful art history classes together, but didn’t know each other at the time. Too bad, ‘cos there’s nothing better than having a friend to gossip over a bad professor with!

This summer she joined us at Kristina’s house for a Harry Potter movie marathon. It was pretty much the best night ever.

I couldn’t help but sneak a shot of Chris in. Of course I see him every day, but it’s not every day that he lets me take a picture of him that’s this cute!

Thanks for all the good times, Humboldt friends! Hopefully there are many more of them in the future.


bike rides and ukulele? that sounds like heaps of fun! we should meet the next time I’m there?

Aw, that would be lovely but unfortunately I don’t live there anymore! I moved away in December 2008, and just went back to do summer school for a month. To be honest, it seems like the entire internet has been having vacations in Arcata since I left!

Oh Kim! I must must MUST have some high-res versions of those shots of me and Jaime! I have a feeling one of them would look fabulous in a nicely matted frame on one of the Cracker Box walls… I loved looking through all 9 of your posts and it’s a good feeling that I have now knowing that you had an okay time here in Humboldt! I will never get enough of you. Love love love!!

No problem, I’ll email it your way!

And of course I had an ‘okay’ time in Humboldt… With friends like these, it was one of the best times of my life! :)