The Great Divide

July 27, 2011

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had a mini-panic attack when I thought the shutter on my new camera was malfunctioning. Normally, I take things slow with film, but I wanted to shoot through this roll so I could see if any of the shots came out. To my surprise, they all did! These were taken at my friends’ home (which has apparently been nicknamed “The Great Divide”).

The dachshund is named Kiwi. She’s a sweetheart, and also incredibly old – 12 years, if I remember correctly. Which means that she’s super awesome at modeling because she just sits there. :)

There’s another dachshund that lives there named Max, but we’ve been on the outs since he shanked me. His owner says he’s just being protective, but I know the truth: he was trying to steal my freshly baked cookie.

Camera: Mamiya RZ67
Lens: Mamiya RZ 110mm f/2.8
Film: Fuji Pro 160s
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

I got the opportunity to shoot with a mamiya rz67 with a digital back last year. that kind of changed my life. it’s such a great camera! unfortunately, our photo dept only had one and they didn’t take very good care of it so after the first photo assignment….it was gone…and I was completely heartbroken. haha

New camera looks great.
What’s the pixel count on the original size scan?

I really wish Nikon and Canon would make well priced digital backs already.
I checked out the adapter and back price… it’s horrible.
I hope a new generation comes out soon.

I usually scan pretty small unless I plan on getting prints made – these were all scanned in at 2148 x 1718. And I am definitely not holding my breath with the digital backs, hah.

aww, such a cute pup. er, not quite a pup anymore, but still adorbs.

Awww. So adorable! My Bridget lived to be 20 and she looked a lot like this one. :)

Awww sweet pup! These turned out awesome. Super jealous of those yellow chairs. :)

ooh that’s the beastly camera isn’t it?

i’ll have to pick your brain about your scanning – your colors always look so good! i hate the software that comes with the epson scanner. do you use something different?

She is a darling. Can’t the vet fix that eye? Looks painful.

These shots are amazing. And if you give Max attention I’m sure he’ll love you too; cookie or no.