Fran on Film

February 5, 2011

The last roll I shot on the Holga was a quickie. I had a brief spurt of inspiration to just shoot instead of hoarding frames for months on end like I always do.

Unfortunately, when the Holga is involved, moments like those usually end up in wasted frames. This roll as a whole was no exception, though there are more than a few shots I’m in love with.

Like Fran here, staring out the bedroom window on a sunny day in January, looking all too cool and aloof. Like, “You call this a sunny day? Meh, I’ve seen better.” Franny is the ultimate hipster cat. The looks she gives cut to the bone!

Happy Caturday!

Camera: Holga 120s
Film: Ilford HP5 PLUS
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

[…] really have much to say about this shot, except that I love it, and that I inadvertently took almost the exact same photo of Franny some months […]

Film Noir Cat does like her monochromatic shafts of light though (that Feline Fatale).

Gorgeous work. Light is superb and Fran is looking uber cool!

that’s what i love about holga! it does suck though when you only get a few keepers and you paid fourteen dollars to get a roll developed.