June 26, 2011

These flowers are in the very eccentric front yard of a home in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, where my best friend will be relocating to in July (from Silverton – a definite upgrade, to be sure). He’s moving into the house next door, so I project many more photo-love affairs between me and this yard in the future.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Fuji Pro 400H
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Great image!!

Exceptional Work

shadows in the garden
Seen in AT YOUR BEST¨*•.
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This brought me a whole bunch of happy.

loove the colors in this and these are some FAT poppies haha.

Poppies are my absolute favorite! Please, let your camera and this yard have a passionate romance so I can swoon over more photos. ;)

Ben is moving into the neighborhood?! That is so awesome! =) My bestie, just visited manila from singapore and it was as if its been ages since weve seen each other last hehehe cant wait for the new photos, the rollei photos have been outstanding! =)

Yessss! The whole reason why I have a Rollei to shoot with is movin’ to town. Awesome indeed. And hooray for a visit from your bestie! For a long time Ben lived SUPER far away; it can be rough, but it just makes the normal every day stuff that much more fun to do when you’re finally around each other. :)

yay, it’s happening! my ben just moved to nyc this week. good times are afoot!

AWYEAH! How is it that our Bens always seem to be up to the same things at the same time? When one Ben visits, the other one is either on his way or just had a visit. When one moves, the same. So funny! Love that we have Best Bens! :D