Dear Brianne

December 4, 2011

You are the best muse a camera-wieldin’ fool like me could ever ask for. From your perfectly tousled hair to your heart-shaped lips, I wish I could photograph you forever! I’m so utterly pleased to have discovered that such meaningful relationships can be forged in spite of working in a soulless, pit of Hell (see: Safeway). I wouldn’t think twice about going back to such a pit if it meant I got to stumble upon “the cute girl in the bakery” all over again.

Yours truly,

P.S. Click on the first photo to see it in black-and-white, and the second photo to see the shot she (I mean, you!) took of me.


а сигарета то нахуя?

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I love this picture. Everytime I see it it reminds me of "The Outsiders" for some reason.

So, so gorgeous. I’d be all over that with my camera too! :) She’s got the mysterious half-smile down pat. And I never get tired of creamy green tree bokeh!

[] Her name’s Brianne! We met while working at Safeway. Sometimes, she kinda reminds me of you (pre-SF).

Talk her into it — please! =D

In all seriousness, I think you’d be a terrific nudes photographer if you ever took it up. You seem to have a natural facility to create rapport with people you photograph and make them appear comfortable and non self-conscious.

Thanks everyone!!

[] Ahaha! I almost died laughing. I wonder if I could actually talk her into this…

Looking forward to the Brianne naturist series where she’s wearing nothing but a Rolleiflex. ;) She is très sexy.

Now that’s sexy!. Great shot Capt.!.

These are very successful, beautiful photos.

DAMN GIRL. DAMN. That first shot is just the epitome of coolness on every single possible level. Even if I don’t condone smoking. But dang, it has an effect.

I think this may be the best picture of a girl with a TLR in the entire known universe.

That viewing-lens reflection is awesome.

Your work with that Mamiya has me on ebay, not gonna lie. ;) Too bad ebay doesn’t sell the mad skills to go with it. Wicked shot.

such a cool shot of her! i like what you had to say about her too.

sweet shot….its all cool..her style, the cig, the camera..ect

Very cool shot Kim, Love the colours and expression!

These photos are so fantastic (and I can’t believe how awesome she is for just having started) but I think my favorite part of these is just how clearly you can see her face reflected in the camera. LOVE.

i’ve seen the top pic before but never noticed her face in the lens. she sho is purdy.

Love the upside-down-face in the Rolleiflex lens. Gosh, I think I fell a bit in love with Brianne too, she’s gorgeous.

Holy shit. She is the epitome of bombshell-awesome. And I say this, despite being adamantly opposed to smoking—she’s still a stone-cold fox. God, that film is like, bestilling my heart. SUCH great shots, Kim.

Thank you, Jas! I’m with you — Cigarettes are so not my thing (although the smell of loose tobacco to this day still makes me nostalgic for my dad!) — But I don’t fancy myself a finger-wagger so I just let it go. One of my favorite exchanges with the lady in question, though, happened while walking up to our 3rd floor apartment. She gasped and said, “How do you guys walk up all these stairs every day?!” And I just laughed and said, “We don’t smoke.” :P

Perfect. Touché. Love it. :)