Irvington Cats

October 29, 2011

So, I may or may not have forgotten what day it is and this week’s Caturday may or may not have snuck up on me. I may or may not have been drafting an entirely un-cat related post this morning and it may or may not have ended with “Happy Friday!”

But… Wait! Don’t walk out on me! I come to you now, sitting less than half-dressed on my couch (2:00pm showers come with the forgot-what-day-it-is territory) with a towel wrapped around my freshly washed hair. I’m ready to right meow this wrong.

These shots were sneakily taken last winter around my neighborhood on the Pentax. On their own, I never thought much about each shot. But once I looked at them all together I realized one quality they all shared: those cats never saw it comin’! Well, except for the last guy. He always sees it comin’, that grump.

All together now: Happy Caturday! ;)


LOL I guess we can forgive you. ;) The whiskers on that giant orange fuzzball are amazing. Love!

I am ALL ABOUT Mr. Fluffy whiskers! Oh my gosh, I am in love.

I was wondering what was missing from my weekend!!

oh I love your Caturdays posts!