The Usurper

September 10, 2011

Franny is so notorious for seat-stealing (among other kinds of thievery) that Chris nicknamed her ‘the Usurper.’ Whether there’s food on the table or you just got up for a bathroom break, it’s not uncommon to come back and find that Franny has reclaimed your seat.

I don’t think she has much else in common with Robert Baratheon, though come midnight I do feel like she leads her own personal rebellion against my attempts at a good night’s rest. ;)


I mean… Happy Caturday!


beautiful photo,
love the light and the situation, great composition too.

Ahahaha, I love her faaace. It’s so good. Morn is exactly like this- except he will take the food and then run away from the table and eat it. Pumpkin just sits there and you can trust him not to touch your food, but Morn- holy crap- he will be fast asleep one second and you think you’re safe to just go to the washroom but NOOO. You’re never safe.


Dude! Franny too. She is such a little porker, it’s ridiculous. I have seen her eat a piece of fuzz on the ground because she thought it was food I dropped!

Lovely capture :-)


That’s a great capture! It’s funny that she looks more interested in the flowers than the food. She just might have the eye of an interior decorator!

Why do cats do that? Mine do that too, the entitled little jerks.