Felix and the Magic Window

November 26, 2011

As you may’ve noticed, I’m hanging back from the internet this holiday weekend. I don’t even want to know how many Facebook notifications I have, or how much catching up I have to do with my blog subscriptions and Flickr contacts! You don’t need the internet to scan negatives, though (unless you want to whine the whole time about it, which I did), so I was able to get all 6 rolls of film onto the computer this week.

What I learned from this batch is that I don’t think I like Fuji Pro 160s very much, and that I probably should’ve figured that out before I bought 5 rolls of the stuff. Oops. So now I have cheap coffee and cheap film that I don’t like. That’s what ya get for bein’ cheap.

Anyway, enough shop talk, here are a few of the promised photos from last weekend, the first and last being two of my new all-time favorites from Mr. Felix.

Happy Caturday!


Killing me! The colours look almost blended.

Lovely picture. See my album if you want.

ps: I just realized that you filter flickr comments through to here, which just blew my mind. So, um, that is awesome and I am delighted to know this can be arranged.

I could live in Felix’s world. it seems so full of mystery and relaxation and psychoticness and knowitallhood. I love him.

Hehe, that sounds about right. Especially the psychotic and know-it-all bits.

Also, this is the plugin I used to import Flickr comments! https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/live-flickr-comment-importer/ If you simply post a photo that’s hosted on Flickr it will automagically import the comments, but I don’t host ALL my photos over there anymore, so usually I upload a single photo and do the rest manually (it isn’t hard and takes a few seconds).

I like your universaire this cat and very charming

That last one is killer! Felix is one tough looking little dude. =)

Thanks! It’s all an act, though. Felix is the biggest momma’s boy in the world! :P

look at those eyes. like gold~

Wow, those eyes! Gorgeous. Love the deep, rich colors of this set.

the last picture is stunning. WOW. all the colors just work perfectly

Heehee, I love that streeeeeech in the first one. My cat always does yoga poses.

And I just love the grain in these shots. Perfect.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, dude!

Killer colors. Fixely looks like a dragon with those evil eyes he’s got.

That superman pose cats do is one of my favorite catisms of all time. Felix manages to look like a wild cat in his though with the claws extended like that. I always picture him with a monocle and top hat. /random

Dude, I’m with you. The superman pose is my fav-o-rite. Franny always sits on our lap and supermans off our arms.

Also, I once did a serigraph of Felix with a monocle! He looked quite fetching. :P And his claws are insane — we actually call them his “talons” because he doesn’t even extend them… They just naturally hang out like that. He is a true house panther. Meow!