Portland ReWild

November 7, 2011

I’m in the middle of a mad editing dash (as noted by my 7pm Caturday post this weekend!) but I want to make sure the blog didn’t go stagnant while I was working away on the business end of things. So if I drop off the face of the Internet within the next few weeks, you can rest easy knowing I’m holed up on the couch under a blanket, feet towards the space heater and eyes glued to Photoshop!

These are photos I took over the summer of a workshop group called ReWild that met in our park one day for some basketry and arrowhead making goodness. The group has all kinds of Adult and Youth programs that range from casual “skill-share” days like this to week-long “Apocalypse Camp” training.

Looking back now it’s pretty entertaining that I took these photos with my Rolleiflex… Photos of a group of people practicing the revival of traditional skills, taken with a camera and film format that has currently experienced its own little revival. Love it!

The casual group meets Saturdays from 1pm-3pm in a different Portland park each week. The meeting place is announced the Friday before via their mailing list.


Is that Frodo?! I took her Women Spirituality class at PSU!

This is such a neat group! (and I love their logo!) You did a great job of capturing them at work and-Wooww, the bokeh is out-of-this-world! :)

reminds me a little of Hearts – Little Queen album. :)

The whole editing thing doesn’t sound super fun, so if you ever want to take a coffee break, just shoot me an email cause I’m in Portland!

Hoo-raaaay! You made it! That’s great news, and we will most definitely be meeting up over some coffee in the very near future!

The bokeh from the 2.8C seems to be unique to that camera, very creative shot!

Only Portland would have such a brilliantly weird and awesome group meeting regularly. I so wish I could go. I agree with you, it wouldn’t be the same had you shot this digitally. So, high-fives to you, dude.