Harlowe and the Great North Woods

July 15, 2010

I mentioned in an earlier post that Chris jumped back onto the stage with Harlowe & the Great North Woods. Originally from Chico, CA, several of the members just moved to Portland and are now starting an Oregon chapter of the band. Chris does keyboard and backing vocals for them.

I consider myself a stick in the mud when it comes to new music these days– but I am really falling in love with Harlowe.

They just had a show Tuesday night at Ella St. Social Club with Brittain Ashford and Fera and, for once, I didn’t have to wake up crazy early for work the next day, so I was able to come out and shoot some photos.

They’ll be playing again on August 11th at the Know on Alberta, and then again at Ella St. Social Club on the 22nd– have a quick listen here, then come out and say hello if you’re free!

Photos processed with Carbon and sloppy borders.
Available at Mouffette’s Photoshop Actions.

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/solicitous86] Yes, they come with the Fauxtography set! Good luck with the move!

borders borders borders. i want these.. you have?

i’ll get around to buying the actions soon.. hopefully before my move

so, i just had a listen on myspace…love them! off to itunes :)

i love the grain! i’ll have to check them out.

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/mayrock] Ha! Done and done! :)

I love Traveler as well; kudos to the Woodsies! Reminds me of Fleet Foxes a bit, but these guys have a unique sound all their own. The pictures, and their choice of instruments, also reminds me of Sigur Rós.

By the way, I see their EP is available on iTunes (downloading now). :) H&TGNW’s LastFM page needs your fabulous band images, Kim!