Howie & Sam

April 3, 2010

An owner of Broadway Books had me over to get some snaps of her two new feline companions, Howie and Sam, who are filling in for Mikey and Joey, whom Sally lost last year after being together for over a decade.

Howie, Tabby Cat - Portland Pet Photographer

Howie reminded me a lot of Garfield in his build. I think that first photo on the left is all the proof you need.

Sam is more of a shy guy, so it’s no surprise that there’s an unbalanced ratio of Sam to Howie photos, with Howie miles in the lead. Most of our visit was spent playing with Howie and wondering what corner Sam was sleeping in now.

Pleasure to meet you, Howie & Sam!


I love how cats cross their paws when they’re sitting there, all content. I’m such a cat person and unfortunately my partner is not. Beautiful pictures!

very dapper lookin’ cats.

Howie reminds me of my boyfriend’s old cat Amber in looks. She was so lovely, so friendly!

Oh….my… goddddd! How adorable are these two?!?! Love Howie’s little pink toes… and Sam’s little face! Ahhh! These are so great.

The one of Howie’s feet is adorable!