Too Big To Scan

October 24, 2007

Going into the dark room this morning to make this print was a bit of a shock for me considering the extremely small format I usually print in. Normally, my photos are no bigger than 3×5″, but this one is a whopping 14×11″! I could barely fit it into the developing tray.

Anyway, this print is called The Glamorous Surgery. Lesa, the girl on the left holding the snoot like it was something important, was quite touched by the narration and asked for a signed copy from me. What a compliment!

On Monday we start mural printing, and after that we are doing an edition print for a class exchange. It dawned on me that this is the last photo I had to take for this semester. A bit sad, but also a huge relief! Now I can focus on my academic classes and take photos at my leisure.