Lunch: 6-7-11

June 24, 2011

Last summer I did things like make Thai curry for dinner despite the fact that I was taking cold showers every evening. I vowed to eat smart this year and avoid foods that would only help increase my body’s temperature. It was the first official day of summer this week (not like that means anything to the PNW!) and on that note, I’m here to hold a moment of silence in honor of pho.

Although, knowing Portland there’s bound to be some cold, cloudy summer days whose foul mood can only be remedied with a big steaming bowl of pho. This particular meal is from Pho Van on Hawthorne, the only place I ever go when the craving strikes. It’s the best.

Camera: Canon AE-1
Lens: 50mm f/1.8
Film: Agfa 100 (expired 5+ years)
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

It would be an absolute pleasure! I feel like I’d be star struck to even meet you in real life…. HAHA.. :p

[] Mine, too! We should meet up there sometime and go for a photo walk around Hawthorne!

one of my favorite places. i have uploaded a photo i took of my friend sitting at a table there not too long ago!

Phở! Let come to VietNam n enjoy our traditional foods. Welcome :X

Everyone else can drool over the Pho and I’ll drool over the AE-1. Kinda bummed you’re giving this guy up because I would have liked to see more photos with it from you.

Aw! :) I’m actually in the process of running another roll of film through it before the giveaway is over – all black and white, though. For some reason shooting BW on 35mm seems hard for me?

Also, I might be able to borrow the old silver one I first learned to shoot on from Ben. I’m 99% sure it’s in his possession!

i love pho! that bowl looks pretty tiny though – or maybe i’m just used to giant pho bowls…

As a vegetarian, I’m not really allowed pho, but I still love it so. Reminds me of the wonderful times I spent in Vietnam.

oh… this really makes me hungry :)

Nommmm . Love the green chopsticks . I cook and eat a lot of pho . I should really try and take more pho-tos :)