Food on Film #2

January 5, 2012


the essentials: coffee and chips. :)

Hah! You know what’s funny? I’ve been working literally all day, and coffee ‘n’ chips is just about all I’ve had to eat. Life imitates art?

nice!! my kind of post. :)

coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. so good.

Love that Chemex shot! And I became a Juanitas convert myself upon moving here. My husband just wouldn’t let me buy any other tortilla chips.

LOVE the composition in the first one (such an interesting view). And that print on the wall in the second shot is so darling!

juanitas. best things ever. seriously.

Juanitas are so good I don’t mind the bottom 1/5 are too crushed to eat. I save them thinking I will use them for something, but I don’t.

Word. Other chips don’t even exist to me.