3 O’Clock Nap Hour

June 18, 2011

What is it with Felix and his death rays? Seems like every picture I take of those two furballs has Franny being incredibly cute while Felix is somewhere in the distance shooting hate beams at the camera. It’s kind of endearing in a crotchety old man-cat kind of way.

This is another frame from the roll of expired Kodak Ektachrome 100g that Diyosa gave me in SF. Slide film can be so expensive – to buy and develop – but if I could afford it, I would shoot exclusively on slide film. Big sigh!

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak E100G (expired)
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

i adore the light here. and laughing about the death rays…

so adorable. and so much character. i love the way you capture your cats. so much personality and life

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Man, I wouldn’t have even noticed him. Franny has a way ;)

slide is fun!… glad you got something out of it. i have some e100g in the hassy right now.. problem.. i can’t remember if i was pushing it or not. :/