Preview: Ruth and Jeff

July 13, 2011

The last 6 days I’ve been in California where I squeezed a mini-vacation in between photographing the marriage of Ruth and Jeff at the St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka.

I first met Ruth and Jeff in college, where we had printmaking and art history courses together. They are amazing artists with a unique outlook, so I was ecstatic when they asked me to come down for their wedding. They had such a beautiful ceremony – my first Greek Orthodox wedding, as well as my first indoor ceremony, in fact.

I shot so much (they had a killer reception in McKinleyville!) that I don’t even know where to begin! Hopefully it won’t be long before I can share this lovely day with you all, till then these are just two diptychs that caught my eye as I did the initial sweep.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro
Actions: Simpler Simon
Available through K. Miller Actions.

Yay! These are fantastic & they make me (& Jeff) smile very much :D

Mmmm Buddleia! I JUST planted some in my garden!

Look at those bright colors! Awesome!

oh so lovely! great colors in those flowers. looking forward to seeing the rest of the day’s pics.

This is beautiful! I love the colors

Oh yay! My boyfriend and I visit your blog because you take such pretty pictures (well, and because we’re also food-and-drink-loving Giants fans living in Portland with CSU art degrees and a soft spot for cats), but I know Ruth and Jeff and was kind of hoping to see pictures of their wedding. Somehow I never guessed that might be what you headed down to Humboldt for.

Now this is just eerie! We should really consider meeting up for a bite/drink/game sometime – something tells me we’d all get along just great. ;)

Yeah, I think we might be in the same karass. I have no social skills, myself, but my boyfriend (Erik) says, “Ooh, when are we meeting our new friends?”

Lovely! And just look at that bokeh! I can’t wait to see your take on a wedding. :-)

pretty pretty! anything in mason jars is a-okay with me. and i love that first shot. can’t wait to see the rest!

Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

I love what Jeff wore! I’ve never seen it done and oh how I admire originality. (It probably has been done but since I’m unaware of such choices, I call it original. ;) )