What They’re Saying


Sob sob sob… Oh my gawd these are AWESOME! I cried, and Marshall got mushy. You have the best eye, you really do! So many wonderful moments captured, we have watched [the slideshow] twice through already. Thanks for making us old farts look so cool. ;)

Katie Marshall



Wow, Kim. Wow!!!

If that shot under the stars doesn’t make it on a silly wedding blog, and you don’t become famous beyond your wildest wedding dreams, well, I’ll be SHOCKED. Seriously, great work. Josh and I both really don’t enjoy having our photos taken, but you made it so easy and fun. Thank you thank you!

Anya Josh


San Francisco Elopement Photographer - Laura & Ben's Courthouse Wedding

We have watched [our slideshow] four times, and Laura has cried every time. You are amazing at what you do, and we can’t thank you enough for the incredible pictures! We can’t wait to get the rest of them. I guess we’ll just watch the slide show a thousand more times until then!

Laura Ben


Foreign Cinema Wedding - Hung & Adrian's San Francisco Gay Wedding

omg omg omg! Adrian and i just watched the slideshow…it’s AMAZING!!! if this is just a little taste, we can’t wait to eat the whole thing!

Hung Adrian


Destination Wedding Photographer - Nats & Drew's Vinoy Renaissance Hotel wedding in St Petersburg, Florida

We are getting back from a day of touring beautiful Bali. It really is quite perfect here and we are just so stinking happy!! And then we get to look at your photos…. today couldn’t be better!! We are floored by just how perfect they are and how you were able to capture the whole evening. You really are a little ninja- you got it all!!! We are so excited to have these as memories. Thank you so much for coming out, on your birthday, and sharing your weekend and your amazing talent with us. Thank you a million times over.

Nats Drew


Destination Wedding Photographer - Eleanor & Max's Cathedral Park Wedding

The photographs are stunning and bring back lovely memories of the day and the beautiful light in Cathedral Park. Thank you so much!!! You’ve captured the mood and emotions of the day so well and lots of unusual, little details – ones we’d missed in the blur of the wedding! There are so many good photographs, it’s going to be overwhelming to choose our favourites but we’ll enjoy poring over them!! We are very pleased that you were there to capture the day, especially for friends and family who couldn’t be there.

Eleanor Max


Destination Wedding Photographer - Sara & Joey's Sacramento Wedding

Oh wow, these are so wonderful. I love looking back and remembering each moment. They definitely capture all the beauty and fun of they day. So many things to love but some of my favorite are of people dancing and the ceremony. You truly are gifted and I am so honored to have you as family and as our photographer.

Sara Joey


Destination Wedding Photographer - Hannah & David's Kirchem Farm Wedding

Kim!!! We haven’t responded to you yet!! I think the first time we saw your photos they just launched us so far up into the sky from joy that we lost any semblance of reality or manners. Well I’d just like to formally follow up and express just how perfect of a job you’ve done :) It was so much fun, the short time we had with you, and we are so grateful for the lifelong gifts you’ve given us. Especially compared to now, as it’s pouring and chilly outside, I can safely say you have truly captured the warmth of that day. Thank you so much. Seriously no doubt who we’ll recommend if we get a chance. You are great :)

Hannah David


Destination Wedding Photographer - Violet & Kellen's Humboldt Wedding

Hey Kim! I’ve been speechless!! We are so, so happy with the photos. All the happiness from the day is totally captured perfectly and I’m so glad we’ll have them forever. And you got so many good ones of everyone! You were a super busy lady! Thank you so much for documenting our day, being super fabulous, and doing such amazing work!! We can’t wait to share the photos with our family.

Violet Kellen


Destination Wedding Photographer - Rowan & Dustin's Humboldt Engagement Photos

I cannot thank you enough for capturing our love the way you did!! I probably have upped the hits on your website by a million, could not stop going back to it. I think of our kids seeing these photos when we are all ancient and wrinkled and their kids…ahhhh!!! Such a gift, thank you!! I cannot gush enough.

Rowan Dustin


Destination Wedding Photographer - Karen & Josh's Mt. Hood Honeymoon

I am the lucky, lucky girl in these photos. And it’s taken me a while to post a comment because… well… what words could possibly be adequate enough to express my gratitude? It chokes me up every time. Josh and I cannot get over how incredibly genuine these photos are. We often sit on our couch with a cup of coffee, pull up our folder and relive the day, and no kidding, we’re still just as captivated. It never gets old. Kim and Chris, we consider you dear friends and think of you often. We truly hope our paths will cross again someday! Thank you for capturing some of the sweetest moments of our lives.

Karen Josh


Destination Wedding Photographer - Lauren and Derek's Oceanside Wedding

THESE ARE AMAZING – you are amazing Kim!!!! You just made us cry all over again. We are so happy to see these and couldn’t have hoped for a better representation of that day. Thank you. Pretty much speechless.

Lauren Derek


Destination Wedding Photographer - Alice and Travis Courthouse Wedding and Bike Parade

You are the most talented, energetic, exciting, dreamy and visionary photographer I have ever seen! My heart is overflowing right now. WOW! Just speechless right now. Thank you Kim, you’ve captured the event magically.

Alice Travis


Destination Wedding Photographer - Deidre and Beau's Portland Forestry Center Wedding

I am sooooo loooooving the photos. I couldn’t be happier! We were just so impressed with your day-of dedication and everyone kept telling us, “Your photographer is awesome– She’s all over the place (in a good way).” Thank you! Thank you!

Deidre Beau


Destination Wedding Photographer - Brett and JR's Smith River Wedding in Humboldt County

Kim! These are amazing. You and Allyson were such a pleasure to have shooting the day. You truly melted away and snuck in to capture the moments and fun details that were actually happening, instead of forcing shots. Thank you both so much!

Brett J.R.


Destination Wedding Photographer - Megan and Adam's McCloud Mercantile Wedding

Adam and I looked through the photos last night, it was the perfect way to end our honeymoon. I’m so impressed and not much of a verbal person, but everyone of those photos fucking ruled! We are so happy with everything, and loved you being there on our big day. Thank you so much for making it happen… You went beyond all our expectations.

Megan Adam

It would be embarrassing to say how many times I have looked at the photos. You are such an incredible artist/photographer and your writing is funny plus entertaining. Your candid style is uniquely Kim Miller but reminds me of that famous photo from WWII when the sailor is kissing the nurse. I cannot brag enough or thank you enough. I love your website and I am becoming a Kim Miller fanatic.

Abbie (Mother of Bride)


Portland Band Photographer - GALLOP Press Photos

Thank you so much for all your work – I am SOO pleased with the photos. They’re really, really special.



Destination Wedding Photographer - Amanda and Chase's Paris Elopement

Just saw the photos they are FUCKING AMAZING. Seriously… Thank you sooooo much.

Amanda Chase


Destination Wedding Photographer -- Jessica and Evan's Camp Royaneh Wedding

Thank you so much! These are beautiful. We will, of course, treasure them forever. You did an awesome job of being everywhere at once – no small feat.

Jessica Evan


Destination Wedding Photographer - Keli and Erik's Multnomah Courthouse Wedding

Being married to Erik definitely makes me feel luckiest of all, but it really was nice to get a happy day to remember, and beautiful pictures to remind us.

Keli Erik


Destination Wedding Photographer - Harper and Wes's Redding, CA Wedding

Kim! We love them. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you so much for capturing our day perfectly.

Harper Wes


Destination Wedding Photographer - Heidi and Navin's Hindu Wedding at Bridal Veil Lakes, OR

When we asked you to photograph our wedding, I knew you had to be as good as your best work – which was already very good. These photos show even more of your incredible talent, and we thank you! You did an incredible job portraying the love and color at this ceremony.

Heidi Navin


Destination Wedding Photographer - Ruth and Jeff's Thrift Store Wedding in Humboldt, CA.

We’ve been having a hard time picking our favorites, just because there are so many superb photos to choose from. And the compliments have been pouring in from all sides about them!

Ruth Jeff