Ruth & Jeff (II)

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

This is Part II of Ruth and Jeff’s Humboldt wedding photographs in Arcata, California.
Part I covers the ceremony at the St. Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka, CA.

Continuing with the secondhand theme, the reception was decorated almost entirely from thrifted items. The catering, DJ, venue (and photographer! :) were all supplied by friends of the bride & groom. Ruth and Jeff even transplanted part of their Arcata apartment into the Mckinleyville backyard so as to give the bridal party a proper throne.

After the champagne toasts, Jeff’s band performed a small set with Jeff joining them on mandolin for a few songs. Everyone boogied down, which eventually led to a dance circle in honor of Jeff’s famous sweatpants dance. This was a Humboldt wedding through and through — and I loved every minute of it.

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographs

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Humboldt Wedding Photographer

Then it was time to cut the cake and stuff ourselves full of sugary treats. The arrival of the Christmas lights meant one thing: It was time to get back on the dancefloor and into the sunset to work it all off.

The reception overlooked the ocean, and once the moon was overhead, it truly felt like we were on our own little private island, celebrating Ruth and Jeff’s love for each other.

What a fun day. Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of it! Here’s to a lifetime of happiness.

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  • Anita

    on July 31, 2011  11:47 am

    These are just amazing...what a phenomenal wedding!

  • Bria

    on July 31, 2011  3:43 pm

    So fun! Now that's my kind of wedding. hehe Now if only I could convince my other half.....

  • Alice

    on July 31, 2011  8:23 pm

    these are all fantastic! you got some great light from what looks like afternoon all the way to evening. and love the details you captured.

  • Brittney Cathey-Adams

    on August 1, 2011  10:52 am

    My favorite wedding photos yet! I also love that smiling close up of Isaac! Phenomenal job Kim!

  • Dianne Orsillo

    on August 1, 2011  4:33 pm

    Way to go you two! What a wonderful day. Marital bliss becomes you.

  • Jaimi

    on August 1, 2011  11:02 pm

    What a beautiful, fun wedding! I love how you captured it!

  • Kim

    on August 2, 2011  5:46 am

    I've never really been excited about the thought of getting married in the future because I don't really like the idea of a traditional wedding being super slick etc, but this wedding is definitely something that gets me excited about ever getting married!

  • Rotaeffchen

    on August 3, 2011  1:49 am

    I just discovered your blog (via flickr) and am smitten by these wedding pictures. They are just beautiful! I'm gonna look at them some more ...

  • Jacqueline

    on August 4, 2011  7:40 am

    holy moly... what an AWESOME wedding! the furniture?! the light?! the food?! so charming and fun.

  • Wayne Smith

    on August 4, 2011  11:54 am

    Outstanding, Kim. These are amazing - your portrait of them at the beginning of the post is very beautiful. I love the colors through the entire series. The detail work is amazing, you're such a great artist!

    • Kim

      on August 4, 2011  5:28 pm

      Thank you so much Wayne! Means a lot. :)

  • Chris Y.

    on August 4, 2011  7:01 pm

    hey kim! hows it going? i'm loving these photos big time. its been quite a while since i visited the blog and its so refreshing to see your stuff again. these are just so romantic i love it. some of your best shots imho! keep it up =)

  • Kiley M

    on August 4, 2011  7:44 pm

    That is the most fun looking wedding I've ever seen!

  • Emma

    on May 21, 2012  11:17 pm

    Amazing pictures and what a wonderful wedding! I'm so jealous, I want that!!

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