My name is Kim, but my friends call me Kimberly.
I was born during Libra Season.
I have two cats: Felix and Franny

And also the incredible gift of laughing all of the time.
My favorite room in the house is my kitchen.
I love to travel, but don’t know how to drive.
I bet I could beat you at an ugly-face-making contest.
I’m kind of a nerd, and a huge dork.
I get the hiccups a lot, just ’cause I’m stoked on life.
When I was in junior high I had my hair cut like T-Boz from TLC.
When I was in high school I had a mohawk.
My idea of fun is walking down every single aisle at Costco.
I hate jaywalking.
I love cheese!!!
I’m stronger than the average 4’11” bear.
I celebrate Friday the 13th and I dare you to guess why.
I wish I was a better dancer.
I’m a pretty good headbanger.
My mom raised me on All My Children.

I have a few tattoos — two of them are video game characters.
I’m pretty sure there’s nothing worse than being seen in a bikini.
(Except maybe talking on the phone.)
I take sandwich artistry very seriously.
I love a good joke. The punnier, the better!
I’m a gin girl.
My favorite cocktail is the Waterfall from PaaDee.

I do a killer Milhouse impression.

The last time I cried was when my internet went out.
I never tried bacon until I was 26 years old.
I’m terrible at housekeeping.
I believe in kindness.
If I was a Game of Thrones character, I’d be Arya Stark.

My karaoke jam is Shoop.

I took German in school, even though my mom begged me to take Spanish.
I still have never visited Germany.

I… am complicated.